Thought into action!

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Perhaps computers have become the most successful machine in human history because they are made in our image and we increasingly in theirs. Moreover, if the 'persistence of human consciousness' through algorithmisation, storage devices, connectivity, even sensorization and mechanisation were possible, how might a future society co-exist with 'non-organic humans' who don't breathe, never sleep, feel no pain, and continue to evolve at inconceivable speeds? more

Like energy, capital follows the path of least resistance to preserve itself or grow. If there is confidence & trust, an object without intrinsic value can attract liquidity at quasi any price. In a "liquidity white bubble" price rises produce more buyers and fewer sellers, contributing to further rises. If, however, everyone converts to cash, an object with fundamental value ends up worthless on the market. In a "liquidity black hole" price falls produce more sellers and fewer buyers, contributing to further falls. more

Interaction design is a planning discipline in that it imagines what will be. If user experience is prioritised, and computing seen as a natural human activity, then understanding "the lives of the people using [the machinery]" is vital for realising human-focused interactive solutions. Bill Moggridge insists that "a system isn't complete without the people who use it. People and their goals are the point of our systems, and we must design for them." more